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The Audrey Hepburn Makeover

by Charles Rempel

I look at Audrey Hepburn as the closest thing to a princess that Hollywood ever got (Grace Kelly doesn't count because she WAS a princess and thus cannot be considered "the closest thing to a princess"). She does have a fine legacy, much stronger than Bing Crosby's before we made him over, but she needs a boost to the realm of mega-cult status, which I believe a button as cute as her belongs.

So, since we're going for mega-cult status, why not model our makeover on the efforts of the posse of Andre the Giant. They took a champion wrestler and probably the greatest actor over seven feet tall and made him recognizable to a larger market of fans. This is what we want, so first let's make our Audrey version of their world-famous sticker:

Audrey Has a Posse

Now doesn't that just kick ass, Hollywood-waif style? You betcha. Now, we just need to print out thousands of these stickers and place them all over the world. Get the word out. If you want to print out stickers on your own, knock yourself out... that's what makes a mega-cult so much fun!

Once the stickers are up and the word is out, it's time to up the ante in our marketing: supercool posters! T-shirts! Bobbing-head dolls! Okay, maybe not the dolls. But with this simple sticker, stuck all over the place, I'm sure that Holly Golightly will once again have her day in the sun.

Audrey has a posse!

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