April 16, 2007

I Am 8 Bit Art Show

You want to see the hippest and at the same time dorkiest art show in all of Los Angeles County? Then grab your geek or your hottie and get your butts over to the I Am 8 Bit Art Show. (April 17th-May 12th, 2007 @ Gallery Nineteen Eighty Eight @ 7020 Melrose Ave.)

There are a couple of reasons you should go, but the best reason is the show features a fully functioning, 5 and a half foot giant Atari Joystick. And the best part about that is it was made by the Van Gogh-Goghs' own Jason Torchinsky.


And to get you all excited about the I Am 8 Bit Art Show, check out the Van Gogh-Goghs' salute to the Atari. It's as funny as it is dorky.