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February 27, 2008

Bootleg Simpsons Finger Puppets!!!

Bootleg Simpsons Finger Puppets!!!

Bootleg Simpsons Finger Puppets!!!

Dat's right. We don't give a rat's ass what Matt Groening or FOX thinks!!! We just went out and bought us some damn bootleg Simpsons finger puppets cause we're baaad asses!!! (Bootleg Simpsons finger puppets model's identity protected cause he's not a bad ass. At all. He just has pretty hands. Which is kind of a waste when you're modeling finger puppets when you think about it, really. The fingers are all covered up. Crap, we could have done this ourselves without shelling out a high two figures for the hand model. Dammit!)

February 13, 2008

Come on, Internet, be our Valentine! So loose the pants!

Hey! It's Valentine's time! And in the current VGG tradition of barely updating this site with old content, ghost-ship style, here's another bit of holiday fun from a former day of what we assumed was glory.

Valentine Cards, of the disappointing virtual variety, suitable for sending to an alleged sweetie as your way of saying, "I barely care about this holiday– for eternity, my love, eternity!"