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The sci-fi drama of time travel meets true-life drama in THE 1999 HOUSE
— a new four-part documentary that "transports" an actual modern family from 2009 back to life in 1999. VGGTV viewers will have the chance to vicariously experience a time-travel journey back to everyday, middle-class life in 1990s America.

The adventurous Ninepins family spent three months living in a townhouse carefully restored to reproduce the ambience and amenities of the late '90s. Imagine living in a world where Internet-enabled phones are a rarity and very little is known about Elian Gonzales. A world where the only version of "Shaft" stars Richard Roundtree and there is no Volcano Crunch Cap'n Crunch. A world where Hafez Assan is still alive. In 1999, Divx is still a viable movie platform and the Y2K bug is still a threat.

This is the primitive world the Ninepins family returned to. Through their experiences, THE 1999 HOUSE explores the radical changes in family and domestic life that have occurred due to five full months of scientific and technological innovations.

THE 1999 HOUSE will air on consecutive Mondays beginning June 22 at 9 p.m. (E.T.) on VGGTV (check local listings).


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